Friday, January 30, 2009

Mehserle Makes Bail?

Update - Misinformation was rampant last night, and once we have real clarity we will post it here. This post from ws based on the info we, and Oakland, were given last night:

Bail for Officer Johannes Mehserle was set at $3 Million, meaning he only had to pay $300K to make bail and walk free. We've just been notified from Ron Dellum's office that bail was made, and Mehserle, who previously fled the state and had to be caught and dragged back here, could be out of Santa Rita.

CAPE leadership is appalled, and grieving again. The police have thrown tear gas and concussion grenades into the crowd of Oaklanders gathered to hear the news and stand in solidarity with Grant and his family.

Here's a selection of fairly good coverage of the case thus far:

SF Gate Coverage

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