Thursday, January 15, 2009

National Day of Nonviolent Action Report Back

We've heard about successful events in Milwaukee, WI; Boston, MA; Pittsburgh, PA; Durham, NC so far. Reports, videos, photos and media will be posted below as we receive them!

from Boston:
In Boston, over 30 young people braved the single degree weather to come together in solidarity with Oscar Grant III, the people of Gaza and resisters of oppression worldwide. Tears were shed as participants closed the event chanting, "I am Oscar Grant."


Milwaukee, WI and Tallahassee, Fl invited the community to discuss the Oscar grant shooting and solutions to prevent future incidents from occurring.

Video footage of the shooting (murder) and the peaceful non violent protest in Oakland, Ca was email blasted to thousands of people using face book, my space. Text and email blasts were also sent using data collected from Voter Pledges, Surveys, and Id's.


* People caring enough to stand up for injustices & not just go back to work because it ain't they children. All People!

* Involve community implementation and policing. Hire police officers and have them work in the communities they grew up in

* Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) for cops and more community service for cops

* Truth Reconciliation Process modeled after South Africa

* Town Hall meetings monthly with Police Chiefs to address the citizens concerns

Milwaukee - Campaign Against Violence

Tallahassee - Community Empowerment Organization


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