Thursday, January 15, 2009

Videos from the Rally and March

On January 14 CAPE had a beautiful community event in Oakland, y'all! There were speakers, singers, preachers, organizers - amazing. Sean Bell's mother sent a letter which CAPE Co-founder Dereca Blackmon read to us at the rally. We pulled together security from the community and were able to really maintain the safety of the crowd throughout the event. The formal event ended, and folks moved out into the night.

We hope the events across the country were as uplifting as the events here - we'll post updates as we receive them!

Here are videos from the march and rally:


  1. Robert van de Walle said...

    I am so glad the event in Oakland remained peaceful! Congratulations and what a reward for all the preparation you all did.

  2. I note that there is zero mention of a number of people arrested for vandalism after the "formal" event ended. At least put something in the blog to disavow yourselves from vandals and any behaviour which could be considered less than peaceful. As it stands, by not mentioning it you come across as participating in information control which is an activity, if the government were to engage in it, would be described by you as fascist.

  3. I had to leave the protest cause it got too, 'Jesus-y'. And the rhetoric around "there's no justice unless there's a conviction" was troubling to me. It is quite possible that the BART officer shot Oscar by accident. It doesn't look that way on the video, but it is still possible. It's even logical when you think about how it would not make sense for him to murder some-one in front of a crowd. As a community we need to keep working to make the police accountable, but I can't stand behind a mob mentality.

    The next day, I walked around MY NEIGHBORHOOD and saw all the broken windows. That there is no mention here of the violence the protest led to is not good.

  4. CAPE has no credibility in Oakland following their protest and vandalism. Good job criminals.

  5. This post is an insult to all the store owners who's shops were vanadalized after your "event." After what happened the previous week, I was completely dumbfounded that another protest was planned.

    I'm not against the right to protest -- but did anyone at CAPE even consider that there would be another riot?